Look at this fucking hipster! Half way through my Thirty Mile Thursday ride. 


Meester met de Papegaai, Detail of The Suicide of Lucretia, 1525


Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), 1990


Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), 1990

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White Suns - Totem (full album)

One of the greatest avant-garde metal albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, and in the running for my favorite album of the year. Do yourself a favor.

When you’re having a dream about eating pussy and you wake up and continue to want to eat pussy.

The struggle.

See Aaron.
See Aaron drink.
See Aaron drink all over the eastside by himself.

choke me and tell me u can’t live without me

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Water your houseplants, assholes!

There was a party at my place last night and I made everyone biscuits at four in the morning and we danced to Beyonce and Alex G and his band showed up and broke my guitar strings.

Make the best out of your Sundays! 

Iceage - The Lord’s Favorite

Iceage does jangly country. Incredibly well too.